Publications — by date

Here is a list of publications by the members of the project on topics related to the Nominalizations project.
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a. Ordered by publication date
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Year Publication
201X Plurality and Unity. Logic, Philosophy, and Semantics. (Anthology, ed., by Arapinis, A., Carrara, M. & Moltmann, F.)
Oxford University Press, Oxford, to appear in 2016.
Anchoring the Institutional in the Material. Searle’s Constitutive Rule Revisited. (Arapinis, A.)
To appear in European Journal of Philosophy.
Talking About Numbers. Easy Arguments for Mathematical Realism (Monograph by Felka, K.)
To be published by Klostermann.
Everything, and then some. (Krämer, S.)
Accepted for publication in Mind.
Act-Based Conceptions of Propositional Content. Contemporary and Historical Perspectives
(Anthology, ed by Moltmann, F. & Textor, M.), Oxford University Press, New York, to appear in 2016.
Mass and Count in Linguistics, Philosophy, and Cognitive Science
(Anthology, ed. by Moltmann, F., Tovena, L. & Benjamins, J.), Amsterdam, to appear
Cognitive Products and the Semantics of Attitude Verbs and Deontic Modals (Moltmann, F.)
To appear in F. Moltmann / M. Textor (eds.): Act-Based Conceptions of Propositional Content. Contemporary and Historical Contributions. Oxford UP, Oxford, 2016.
Quantification with Intentional and with Intensional Verbs. (Moltmann, F.)
To appear in A. Torza (ed.): Quantifiers, Quantifiers, Quantifiers. Synthese Library, 2016.
Plural Reference and Reference to a Plurality. Linguistic Facts and Semantic Analyses. (Moltmann, F.)
In M. Carrara / A. Arapinis / F. Moltmann (eds.): Unity and Plurality. Logic, Philosophy, and Semantics. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2016.
States vs Tropes. Comments on Marcyn Morzicki: ‘Degrees as Kinds of States’ (Moltmann, F.)
To appear in a special issue of Natural Language and Linguistic Theory edited by B. Gehrke and E. Castroviejo Miró, 2015
Variable Objects and Truthmaking. (Moltmann, F.)
To appear in M. Dumitru (ed.): Metaphysics, Meaning, and Modality. Themes from Kit Fine. Oxford UP, 2015.
The Number of Planets, a Number-Referring Term? (Moltmann, F.)
To appear in P. Ebert / M. Rossberg (eds.): Abstractionism. Oxford University Press.
Nominalisations correspondant aux adjectifs d’évaluation de comportement (Paykin, K., Tayalati, F. & van de Velde, D.)
ms, University of Lille.
Singular Terms Revisited (Schwartzkopff, R.)
Synthese online first
Les conditions aspectuelles de l’interprétation événementielle des nominalisations (van de Velde, D.)
ms. University of Lille.
Les nominalisations et la cartographie de la phrase, (van de Velde, D.)
ms. University of Lille.
2015 Whole-for-Part Metonymy, Classification, and Grounding. (Arapinis, A.)
Linguistics and Philosophy 38 (1):1-29, 2015.
On the Presuppositions of Number Sentences (Felka, K.)
Synthese 192(5), 1393-1412
Truth Predicates in Natural Language. (Moltmann, F.)
In D. Achourioti / H. Galinon / J. Martinez (eds): Unifying the Philosophy of Truth. Springer: Synthese Library, 2015, 57-83.
“Nominalisations de participes : propriétés verbales et syntaxe interne”. (Roy, I. & Soare, E.)
In Roy, I., Magri, V. (eds.) Le Français Moderne. 2015-n°1
Le Français Moderne. Special issue “La nominalisation – du fait de syntaxe aux effets de sens”.
(Anthology, ed. by Roy, Isabelle & Magri Véronique)
‘The Structural Source of Stative Nominalizations from Psych Verbs’ (Alexiadou, A., Iordachioaia, G. & Soare, E.)
In E. Labeau and Q. Zhang, eds., Taming the TAME systems. Cahiers Chronos 27. Rodopi, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, pp. 137-160.
Priority Monism and Part/Whole Dependence (Steinberg, A.)
Philosophical Studies online first.
2014 Number Words and Reference to Numbers (Felka, K.)
Philosophical Studies 168 (1), 261-82
Implicit Commitment in Theory Choice (Krämer, S.)
Synthese 191: 2147-2165
On What There Is For Things To Be (Monograph by Krämer, S.)
Frankfurt am Main : Klostermann
Semantic Values in Higher-Order Semantics (Krämer, S.)
Philosophical Studies 168 (3), 709-24
Propositions, Attitudinal Objects, and the Distinction between Actions and Products. (Moltmann, F.)
Canadian Journal of Philosophy, supplementary volume on propositions, edited by G. Rattan and D. Hunter, 43.5-6, 2014, pp. 679-701
“On the internal event properties of -er nominals”
Lingua. DOI information : 10.1016/j.lingua.2013.11.006.
“Les noms d’humains dérivés de participes : nominalisations en -ant et –é/i/u”. (Roy, I. & Soare, E.)
Actes du 4e Congrés Mondial de Linguistique Française (CMLF). Berlin.
Counting the Colours (Schnieder, B.)
In A. Reboul (ed.): Mind, Values, and Metaphysics — Philosophical Essays in Honor of Kevin Mulligan – Vol. 1, pp. 171-184
Defining Global Supervenience (Steinberg, A.)
Erkenntnis 79: 367-380
Event Nominalizations in French and Modern Standard Arabic: A Parallel. (Tayalati, F. & van de Velde, D.)
Brill’s Annual of Afroasiatic Languages and Linguistics 6 (2014) 119–155.n
2013 Referring to Institutional Entities: Semantic and Ontological Perspectives. (Arapinis, A.)
Applied Ontology 8(1):31-57, 2013.
A Simpler Puzzle of Ground (Krämer, S.)
Thought 2 (2), 85-9
Abstract Objects and the Semantics of Natural Language. (Monograph by Moltmann, F.)
Oxford University Press, 2013.
The Semantics of Existence. (Moltmann, F.)
Linguistics and Philosophy 36.1., 2013, pp. 31-63.
Tropes, Bare Demonstratives, and Apparent Statements of Identity. (Moltmann, F.)
Noûs 47.2., 2013, pp. 346-370.
Reference to Numbers in Natural Language. (Moltmann, F.)
Philosophical Studies 162.3, 2013, pp. 499-536
On the Distinction Between Abstract States, Concrete States, and Tropes (Moltmann, F.)
In A. Mari / C. Beyssade / F. Del Prete (eds): Genericity. Oxford: OUP, 2013, pp. 292-311
Varieties of Dependence. Ontological Dependence, Grounding, Supervenience, Response-Dependence
(Anthology ed. by Hoeltje, M. & Schnieder, B. & Steinberg, A.) Munich: Philosophia
Supervenience: A Survey (Steinberg, A.)
In M. Hoeltje et al. (ed.): Varieties of Dependence Munich: Philosophia
A Chance for Possibility (Monograph by Steinberg, A.)
Offenbach : Ontos
2011 “Nominalizations : new insights and theoretical implications” (Roy, I. & Soare, E.)
Recherches Linguistiques de Vincennes, 40. Presses Universitaires de Vincennes, Saint Denis.
Recherches Linguistiques de Vincennes, 40. Special issue “Nominalizations”.
(Anthology, ed. by Roy, I. & Soare, E.) Presses Universitaires de Vincennes, Saint Denis.
“L’enquêteur, le surveillant et le détenu : les noms déverbaux de participants aux événements, lectures événementielles et structure argumentale”. (Roy, I. & Soare, E.)
In Lexique, 20, “Nouveaux aspects sur les nominalisations”, Marín, R. & F. Villoing (eds.), Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, Villeneuve d’Ascq, 207-231.
Hume’s Principle Revisited: Numbers as Dependent Objects (Schwartzkopff, R.)
Grazer Philosopische Studien 82, 353-73
2010 How not to defend ontological cheats (Krämer, S.)
Analysis 70, 290-6
“Deadjectival nominalizations and the structure of adjectives”. (Roy, I.)
In The Syntax of Nominalizations across Languages and Frameworks, A. Alexiadou & M. Rather (eds.), de Gruyter Mouton. 129-158.
Inexpressible Properties and Grelling’s Antinomy (Schnieder, B.)
Philosophical Studies 148, 169-85. Important Erratum
Number/Aspect interactions in the syntax of nominalizations: a distributed Morphology approach. (Alexiadou, A., Iordachioaia, G. & Soare, E.)
Journal of Linguistics 46: 537-574.
2008 Further Remarks on Property Designators and Rigidity (Schnieder, B.)
Grazer Philosophische Studien 76, 199-208
2007 The Importance of ‘Being Earnest’ (Schnieder, B.)
The Philosophical Quarterly 57, 40-55
2006 Attributing Properties (Schnieder, B.)
American Philosophical Quarterly 43, 315-28
By Leibniz’s Law’ – Remarks on a Fallacy (Schnieder, B.)
The Philosophical Quarterly 56, 39-54
Canonical Property Designators (Schnieder, B.)
American Philosophical Quarterly 43, 119-32
Dependence, Substance, and Explanation (Schnieder, B.)
Philosophical Studies 129, 393-419
Particularised Attributes: An Austrian Tale (Schnieder, B.)
In M. Textor (ed.): The Austrian Contribution to Analytic Philosophy London: Routledge, 130-58
2005 Property Designators, Predicates, and Rigidity (Schnieder, B.)
Philosophical Studies 122, 227-41
2004 A Note on Bearer-Uniqueness and Particularised Properties (Schnieder, B.)
Ratio 17, 218-28