Katharina Felka

Katharina joined the Nominalizations project in June 2011. Before that, she studied at the University of Constance, the Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation in Amsterdam, and the Humboldt University in Berlin. During her PhD studies, she also stayed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge (MA).

Katharina primarily works on the philosophy of language. She is particularly interested in those questions of philosophy of language that have a bearing on ontological and metaontological questions. Most importantly, she is interested in the question of whether our talk about numbers, properties, or propositions commits us to abstract entities. Her work on those questions is led by the conviction that the incorporation of methods and results from linguistics is essential for answering them. Apart from that, Katharina is also interested in the history of analytic philosophy, especially in Frege’s philosophy of language and mathematics.

During her time in the Nominalizations project, Katharina wrote her PhD thesis Talking About Numbers. Easy Arguments for Mathematical Realism, in which she is concerned with the ontological commitments of our talk about numbers. The articles “Number Words and Reference to Numbers” (Philosophical Studies 2014) and “On the Presuppositions of Number Sentences” (Synthese online first) also derive from her PhD thesis. The issues discussed in these two articles as well as in her PhD thesis in general pertain to subproject IP2 (“Metaontological Issues”).

You can find more information on Katharina here.