Arash Behboodi

Arash Behboodi joined the Nominalizations project in September 2012. He is currently a PhD student at the University of Paris 1- Pantheon-Sorbonne, Institute for History and Philosophy of Science and Technique (IHPST) where he got his master degree working on the problem of non-existent objects, Meinongianism and modes of existence.

He currently works on metaontological issues around ontological disagreements. Specifically he is interested in the conditions of possibility of partaking in an ontological debate, namely those under which the question can be asked, answered, verified and in the same time bears on a significant divergence within the proponents of different positions. As it turns out, the problem is related to argumentative role of common sense in metaphysics and to the problem of interpretation of rival conceptual schemes. His interests include also philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of social sciences and historical epistemology.

During his time in the Nominalizations project, he presented two early versions of his work, being prepared as longer articles, at eighth European congress of analytic philosophy and Paris-Hamburg ontology


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