Alexandra Arapinis

Alexandra Arapinis is currently Marie Curie Postdoctoral fellow at the Laboratory for Applied Ontology in Trento. She has received a PhD in Philosophy from Sorbonne University (Paris) in 2009 and is a former postdoctoral fellow in the nominalization project. Her work focuses on ontology, with particular application to natural language.


201X ‘Plurality and Unity. Logic, Philosophy, and Semantics. F. Moltmann / M. Carrara / A. Arapinis, Oxford University Press, Oxford, to appear in 2016.
201X ‘Anchoring the Institutional in the Material. Searle’s Constitutive Rule Revisited.’ To appear in European Journal of Philosophy
2015 ‘Whole-for-Part Metonymy, Classification, and Grounding.’ Linguistics and Philosophy 38 (1):1-29, 2015.
2013 ‘Referring to Institutional Entities: Semantic and Ontological Perspectives.’ Applied Ontology 8 (1):31-57, 2013.

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