Alex Steinberg


Alex joined the nominalizations project in 2012. Before, he was employed as a postdoc in the Phlox research group and, before that, wrote his PhD on the grounds of modality at University College London under the supervision of Mark Eli Kalderon. His thesis A Chance for Possibility. An Investigation into the Grounds of Modality was examined by Dorothy Edgington and Fraser MacBride, and received the ontos-prize of the GAP in 2012.

Alex works mainly at the intersection of metaphysics and the philosophy of logic and language. There, he is especially interested in the theory of grounding and cognate notions and their applications to specific problems in theoretical philosophy. Relatedly, he likes to think about the metaphysics and epistemology of what may be called theoretical entities of philosophy.

As part of the nominalizations project Alex worked mainly on questions about the nature and existence of non-fundamental entities such as, perhaps, possible worlds, propositions, and composite objects (IP-2), and the syntax, semantics and metaphysics of ‘that’-clauses (IP-2 & IP-3). As a result, he published a paper on global supervenience with Synthese, a paper on part/whole fundamentality with Philosophical Studies, and he wrote two papers on ‘that’-clauses that are still in the process of being polished: a) one scrutinizing the credentials of the so-called face value theory of propositional attitude ascriptions, and b) one on the best account of Schifferian pleonastic propositions.

Alex left Hamburg in 2013 to take up a lecturer position at the JGU Mainz.

You can check out his personal homepage here.