Papers – old version


 ‘Truth Predicates’ in Natural Language (F. Moltmann)
In D. Achourioti / H. Galinon / J. Martinez (eds): Unifying the Philosophy of Truth. Springer: Synthese Library
Plurality and Unity in Ontology and Semantics (Eds: A. Arapinis, M. Carrara & F. Moltmann)
Springer (Synthese Library), in preparation
Identificational Sentences (F. Moltmann)
Accepted for publication in Natural Language Semantics
Tropes, Bare Demonstratives, and Apparent Statements of Identity (F. Moltmann)
To appear in Noûs
Reference to Numbers in Natural Language (F. Moltmann)
To appear in Philosophical Studies
On the Distinction Between Abstract States, Concrete States, and Tropes (F. Moltmann)
In A. Mari / C. Beyssade / F. Del Prete (eds): Genericity. Oxford: OUP


Two Kinds of First-Person-Oriented Content (F. Moltmann)
Synthese, special issue edited by Philippe de Brabanter and Mikhail Kissine, 184(2), 157-177
Abstract Objects and the Semantics of Natural Language (F. Moltmann)
Oxford UP


Counting the Colours (B. Schnieder). In: Anne Reboul (ed.): Philosophical Papers Dedicated to Kevin Mulligan (online publication).


How Not to Defend Ontological Cheats (S. Krämer)
Analysis 70(2), 290-6. (abstract, penultimate draft)
Relative Truth and the First Person (F. Moltmann)
Philosophical Studies 150(2), 187-220
Inexpressible Properties and Grelling’s Antinomy (B. Schnieder)
Philosophical Studies 148, 169-85. (abstract, penultimate draft)
Important Erratum.


Degree Structure as Trope Structure: A Trope-Based Analysis of Positive and Comparative Adjectives (F. Moltmann)
Linguistics and Philosophy 32(1), 51-94


Intensional Verbs and their Intentional Objects (F. Moltmann)
Natural Language Semantics 16(3), 239-270
Further Remarks on Property Designators and Rigidity (B. Schnieder)
Grazer Philosophische Studien 76, 199-208. (abstract, penultimate draft)


Events, Tropes and Truthmaking (F. Moltmann)
Philosophical Studies 134, 363-403
The Importance of ‘Being Earnest’ (B. Schnieder)
Philosophical Quarterly 57, 40-55. (abstract, penultimate draft)


Attributing Properties (B. Schnieder)
American Philosophical Quarterly 43, 315-28. (abstract, penultimate draft)
Canonical Property Designators (B. Schnieder)
American Philosophical Quarterly 43, 119-32. (abstract, penultimate draft)
Dependence, Substance, Explanation (B. Schnieder)
Philosophical Studies 129, 393-419. (abstract, penultimate draft)
Particularised Attributes: An Austrian Tale (B. Schnieder)
M. Textor (2006): The Austrian Contribution to Analytic Philosophy. London: Routledge, 130-58. (abstract, penultimate draft)


Property Designators, Predicates, and Rigidity (B. Schnieder)
Philosophical Studies 122, 227-41. (abstract, penultimate draft)


Nonreferential Complements, Derived Objects, and Nominalizations (F. Moltmann)
Journal of Semantics13, 1-43
Properties and Kinds of Tropes: New Linguistic Facts and Old Philosophical Insights (F. Moltmann)
Mind 123(1), 1-41
A Note on Bearer-Uniqueness and Particularised Qualities (B. Schnieder)
Ratio 17, 218-28. (abstract, penultimate draft)


Propositional Attitudes without Propositions (F. Moltmann)
Synthese 135, 70-118
Nominalizing Quantifiers (F. Moltmann)
Journal of Philosophical Logic 32(5), 445-481