Here you can download some papers on topics related to the Nominalizations project, published by members of the German side of the project. For publications of the French cooperators, please visit their respective webpages.

a. Ordered by publication date
b. Ordered by topic
c. Ordered by author

You may click on an author’s name to get to her/his publications:

1. Stephan Krämer
2. Benjamin Schnieder

Author Year Paper
S. Krämer 2010 How Not to Defend Ontological Cheats.
Analysis 70, 290-6. (abstract, penultimate draft)
B. Schnieder 2011 Counting the Colours.
In: Anne Reboul (ed.): Philosophical Papers Dedicated to Kevin Mulligan (online publication).


Inexpressible Properties and Grelling’s Antinomy
Philosophical Studies 148, 169-85. (abstract)

Important Erratum


Further Remarks on Property Designators and Rigidity
Grazer Philosophische Studien 76, 199-208. (abstract, penultimate draft)


The Importance of ‘Being Earnest’
Philosophical Quarterly 57, 40-55. (abstract, penultimate draft)


Attributing Properties
American Philosophical Quarterly 43, 315-28. (abstract, penultimate draft)
Canonical Property Designators
American Philosophical Quarterly 43, 119-32. (abstract, penultimate draft)
Dependence, Substance, Explanation
Philosophical Studies 129, 393-419. (abstract, penultimate draft)
Particularised Attributes: An Austrian Tale
M. Textor (2006): The Austrian Contribution to Analytic Philosophy. London: Routledge, 130-58. (abstract, penultimate draft)


Property Designators, Predicates, and Rigidity
Philosophical Studies 122, 227-41. (abstract, penultimate draft)


A Note on Bearer-Uniqueness and Particularised Qualities
Ratio 17, 218-28. (abstract, penultimate draft)