Workshop on Nominalizations

We are happy to announce our upcoming workshop on Nominalizations. The workshop will take place in room 121 of the main building of the Universität Hamburg, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1 (west wing) on April 25-26.

The speakers and their talks (ordered as scheduled) are:

  • Artemis Alexiadou (Stuttgart): On two types of English nominalized adjectives and the lexicalization of properties
  • Thomas Hofweber (Chapel Hill): The non-referential picture of language
  • Arvid Båve (Hamburg/Gothenburg): The function of nominalisations
  • Robert Schwartzkopff (Hamburg): The Fregean misconception of number(word)s as object(word)s
  • David Nicolas (Jean Nicod): Derived mass nouns, tropes, states and events
  • Katharina Felka (Hamburg): On easy arguments for numbers
  • Graeme Forbes (Colorado, Boulder): Proposition-descriptions and their “that”-clauses
  • David Liggins (Manchester): Propositions and “that”-clauses revisited

More information on the schedule can be found on the workshop’s poster.

The workshop is funded by the DFG, the Humboldt Foundation, and the DFG/ANR project Nominalizations.

Attendance will be free but participants are asked to register with the organizers (please write an email to:


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